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    Since the year 1978, Ahonest Changjiang Stainless Steel Corporation has gone through 34 spring and summer. As we all know, success needs the cost. During this period of time, our company has been confronted with some difficulties, but we have solved them perfectly. Especially under the various efforts of all employees, Ahonest Changjiang Stainless Steel Corporation has successfully overcome the terrible influence of the 2008 financial crisis. Today, we are happy to report Ahonest Changjiang Stainless Steel Corporation has been back to the business of generating profits and resuming its appetite for new deals and opportunities.
    At present, as the steel market is in the downturn, we will be adjusted to the new situation very rapidly. On one hand, we will still be firmly engaged in safely producing the highest quality steel products, on the other hand, we will constantly update production technique and increase the value of products, in addition, we will certainly provide our customers with best service. We Ahonest Changjiang Stainless Steel Corporation will sincerely treat every customer with no difference and strictly obey the rule of market transaction-“voluntariness、fairness、making compensation for equal value、honesty and credibility”.
    As Ahonest Changjiang Stainless Steel Corporation is a responsible enterprise, we always put three things together-safety、quality and productivity. We also have strong corporate culture, and our enterprising spirit is “Innovation、Practical-minded and hardworking、Stainless thinking、Iron will”. We will always remember all these in heart during the production and try to make the best. We will follow the concept of enterprise development —“market orientation、talent support、service engine” .
    The year 2012 is a rough year for the steel market, but just as the famous entrepreneur Li Ka Shing has said “Adversities and challenges, as long as they can arouse the intensity of life, our achievements will beyond our imagination”. Ahonest Changjiang Stainless Steel Corporation will make full use of this challenge to show our ability. We firmly believe that we will be the winners in the competition of survival of the fittest. Ahonest Changjiang Stainless Steel Corporation will try our best to produce the best steel and provide our customers with the best service and price.

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