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    1976      Foundation. Our company mainly produced construction steel that year .We had three sets of hot rolling line—220、250 and 350. We also had more than 30 sets auxiliary equipment , such as mill furnace.
    1982      Our company owned three sets 3-ton EAF. At the same time, we owned 750Kg air hammer, 1000Kg air hammer and continuous furnace.In addition, we had five sets 10-ton heat treatment furnace.
    1984      Two 5-ton electric furnace and four 1-ton electroslag furnace went into use
    1987      One set 420 cold mill train, 6 sets 165 rolling mill, two sets 175 cogging mill and 6 sets continuous bright furnace were on stream.
    1992      5-ton AOD furnace , 550 hot-rolling mill and four 50-ton heat treatment furnace went into use.
    1998      We possessed 4 sets 60 wire drawing bench and 4 sets 250-ton drawbench. Six sets 20-ton bell type strong convection annealing furnace and one set 850 large-scale continuous pickling line went into use.
    2001      We owned two sets 630 continuous shot peening machines
    2002      5-ton LF ladle refining furnace went into use.
    2004      Two sets 6-ton electric furnace were on stream. 550 hot-rolled production line was transformed and 5 sets five continuous rolling hot-rolling mill were added.
    2008      We owned Shaped 324 hot-rolling mill, 6 sets 30-ton heat treatment furnace, 3 sets continuous bright furnace, one set 110 and one set 160 four-strand mill. 550 intelligent continuous heat treatment furnace was transformed.
    2011      1 set 8-ton electro-hydraulic hammer, one set extractor, 2 sets intelligent furnace, 1 set 40-ton annealing furnace and 2 sets 3-ton electroslag furnace are on stream.

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