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    High performance 4Cr10Si2 stainless steel for cutlery developed

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    new high performance stainless steel 4Cr10Si2

    Why develop 4Cr10Si2 stainless steel?

    --- Considering the huge consumption of chromium, in one day the mineral resources would be run out.
    Based on the producing technology of 4Cr13 stainless steel, our engineers develop 4Cr10Si2 stainless steel. Element " Silicon " is an essential element of iron pan, which has no harm to human body. 

    But it could help improve the strength, hardness and anti corrosion resistance, especially has a better

    effect on the high temperature oxidation resistance.

    How to decrease the content of chromium but add more silicon?
    The effect of 1% Silicon is same as 1.5% chromium, so we add about 2.5% silicon.
    And the experiment shows it works very well.

    GB 4Cr10Si2
    * Nearest standards
       GB 4Cr10Si2Mo

    W.Nr. EN 1.4034 / DIN X46Cr13

    Heat treatment data ( for reference )
    Quenching temperature: 950- 1100℃
    holding time: 2.5 min/mm

    Tempering temperature: 160- 200℃
    holding time: 120 minutes, cooled in air or oil

    Hardness test
    4Cr10Si2 stainless steel obtains 58- 61 HRC after hardened and tempered.

    Sharpness test
    4Cr10Si2 stainless steel is superior to 4Cr13 / 420HC stainless steel in the time of edge of holding, strength, hardness, wear resistance.

    4Cr10Si2 stainless steel can be applied to make daily used knives like kitchen knives, scissors etc.

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